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The historic and picturesque town of Brig in Switzerland is a popular destination for hikers from all around the world. Brig is situated close to the Italian and Swiss border and is surrounded by the beautiful Swiss alps.  The scenery is truly spectacular, and is what draws most of the visitors to the town. In the summer the mountains are a beautiful bright green and in the winter it is a snowy wonderland.  During the summer the most popular activity is walking, and there are over 150km of marked hiking trails throughout the town and around the region. There are also...

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Dorrigo Rainforest Dorrigo rainforest is situated approximately 580km north of Sydney in New South Wales. Renowned for its picturesque waterfalls and coastal plains, Dorrigo has been one of Australia’s best-loved rainforests for many years. History: Dorrigo Rainforest has been used by humans since early European settlers landed in the area. It was predominantly used for timber getting (mostly hoop pine and red cedar). Later on much of the area was cleared for agricultural use. In 1976 the area officially became Dorrigo National Park and was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1986. Since then Dorrigo Rainforest has become one...

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Rainforests are one of Earth’s most spectacular natural wonders – so it’s important that we treat them with the care and respect they deserve. We take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts when visiting a rainforest – as well as tips on how to stay safe. Tips for Staying Safe Rainforests are areas of wilderness and you will face potential dangers when you visit them. Keep a few of the following tips in mind to ensure you stay safe while you explore. Sprinkle salt on leaches to remove them from the skin; Research poisonous plants and animals...

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